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What flexibility will be lost for PSCs with IR35s new changes?

How much is going to change for Personal Service Companies during IR35s shift in liability? With not just the concern for a lack of control over the final determination, there is unease over what will happen to the flexibility of contracts. If deemed inside IR35 then the ability to work under your own terms, setting your own fees

PSCs concerns: loss of 30% earnings with IR35 changes

Getting IR35 wrong can be costly. Both contractors and fee payers are at risk of losing out without paying careful attention to IR35 assessments. With contractors at risk of losing between 20-30% of their income if their status changes it is no wonder some may be nervous about who makes the status determination.  Making it the responsibility of the

Make IR35 work for you; how to retain and attract your best talent

IR35 changes in April 2021. Are you concerned about contractors going elsewhere? Some of the best talent will be looking for correct assessments and processes, which they will now be relying on their clients to provide. IR35 doesn’t have to be daunting but instead could be beneficial to your company, bringing and retaining the best skills to

IR35 will change in April, are you ready?

IR35 may seem new to you, but it isn’t. Introduced in March 1999 and becoming law in 2000, this latest amendment has caught many businesses off guard due to previously being the sole responsibility of the contractor. Yet it is crucial to get right. Changes on it are coming into effect from April 2021, bringing

Specialist Video Interviewing vs Zoom

One of the most common objections when pitching Specialist Video Interviewing Software is… “yeah okay sounds cool, but surely you can just use Zoom?”. Zoom is brilliant video conferencing software and we know since we’ve all been sent to work from home it’s been great for still keeping client, candidate, and internal meetings going ahead

We can keep you moving

On average, a talent pipeline takes 2-4 months to mature. This means we run the risk of turning a 3-month problem into a 12+ month problem if we take drastic measures and press stop. But we can’t simply carry on as normal either. We must find a way to slow down your process enough to

If you’re not being asked to video interview? You really should be asking “why not?”

Unfortunately in the current climate there’s been a lot of redundancies, which in turn has resulted in many people looking for new jobs. This comes with more competition and a need for candidates to stand out – luckily we can help you with this.   How businesses reacted to Covid-19 tells you a lot about them.

Our Mental First Aid Champion, Simon answers your questions

World Mental Health Day 2020 is one of the most important ones yet – the months of lockdown and loss has had a huge impact on all of us. Which is why prioritising mental health has never been more important than now. We have put together a Q&A session with our Mental First Aid Champion Simon who answers the

5 Simple ways to look after your mental wellbeing at home

Working from home can bring with it a number of challenges, whether it being in-home distractions or lack of social engagement. So, what can you do to look after your wellbeing when working from home? How can you create healthy boundaries between your work and personal lives, stay mentally and physically healthy whilst still being

Transforming Your Data Centre Business to Remotely Run

Even though data centre centre staff are deemed as ‘critical workers’ – footfall traffic at the sites has been scaled down massively. As it stands, most facilities have enough tools and ‘remote hands’ services in place to allow their customers to manage and monitor their infrastructure remotely. Being Prepared In response to the pandemic, we

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