We know as a contractor under a limited company that you will likely have been dealing with IR35 for a while. We can offer support and guidance with this change to the legislation, aiming to give fair case by case assessments and provide new contracts right for you.

These new changes to IR35 will take effect in April 2021 and while it means much of the responsibility now lands with the client to provide a status determination, there are still steps you can take to get a fair assessment. Have a look at our blogs below to discover more of what you can do or speak to one of our experts.

It is not just the client and agency that can make an assessment on your status, but you have the ability to complete one yourself.

Use these main principles to see whether you fall inside or outside of IR35

1. Substitution

Can you provide a substitute to continue your work? You do need to have used this, it must simply be available for you to exercise as you choose.

2. Direction

How much are you being directed by the client? At the end of the day, it is down to you on how the work is done throughout the progression of it.

3. Control

Is someone instructing what work you do and how? Having the means to make your own decisions with how a project is completed as well as not being required to take on other tasks.

Comparing these main principles in your own evaluation to not just your contract, but also to the actions you perform whilst in the role, can provide a more robust determination.

See if we have any roles available or speak to our consultants to match you with the right contract for you.

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