10 reasons to work at Highfield

Each manager is at the forefront of their industries, absorbing themselves in the knowledge of it, helping to share this experience with team members. As approachable and collaborative individuals, they are motivational and supportive of your personal growth and future, as they truly care about being good managers. Consistency is shown across the team with a natural drive and passion making them keen to listen and take on board questions and suggestions from everyone impartially

They are someone who has walked in your shoes and worked hard along the same path of growth, meaning they truly understand your objectives and experiences. Motivated by your success, your line manager genuinely cares about seeing you achieve and grow. A strong sense of commitment between you is shown, as they provide support and are hands-on to make you the best you can be; all while they are cheering for your accomplishments.

You will experience a ‘people first’ culture where we prioritise our employees and treat everyone as individuals. This is alongside a strong growth culture where we support the continuous improvement, excellent service, success, and career development in order to help you achieve and develop. With management sat amongst the team so as to be a part of it and collaborate, there is a strong connection between everyone, no matter their position.

Having recently become carbon neutral and with the continued support of the renewable energy sector, we are taking steps to care for the environment. Involvement in charities and community projects is an ongoing effort from the Highfield team as we take part in fundraising activities, beach cleans, and more. Our steps towards a greener future start with ourselves, and our positive impact and support for local businesses help us to reach out and care for our local social effect too.

A clearly defined career path is created just for you, with simple goals and objectives for you to reach whilst being pushed to further yourself. There is no limit on the number of senior consultants that can be within Highfield, allowing everyone the chance to progress. A level playing field means anyone could be promoted, creating ambitious growth without fear of restriction to both your personal and colleague’s achievements. Great exposure to the best learning resources will work alongside your positive outlook to personal development, encouraging and embracing your ambition.

As we work towards defining a competency framework, we look for people that are driven, passionate, and with high standards; creating a team supportive of each other and working towards goals at the same strength. Our inclusivity brings in a variety of backgrounds, but all following the same core values. The standards we set ourselves are high, so you will be working in a high-performing team who are, importantly, nice people. Everyone within Highfield wants to do a good job, so a positive mindset, culture, and a dive-in attitude to achieve this is extensive among the teams.

Consistent wellbeing support is provided, caring for every individual’s mental, social, and physical health. We have a bright office with a yoga room and breakout area that’s been heavily invested in so as to create an open and comfortable space. There are multiple mental health first aiders within Highfield and regular check-in and conversations allow for an open dialogue to care for your wellbeing.

You will be given upfront and clear commission and bonus rules, keeping it uncomplicated and transparent. Along with these competitive commission rates, added benefits of getting your birthday off, an enhanced pension, plus additional holiday purchase options. There are a range of social benefits within Highfield as a collaborative and friendly team help encourage you in earning and achieving as highly as possible.

We are highly focused on new and improved technology, utilising it to enhance and aid the work of our teams. Competitive future-focused technology is integrated to save time, improve efficiency, and support the growth of both individuals and the company as a whole. With a vast database of candidates and clients reaching more than 140,000, it creates an excellent base to kickstart from. We use smart tech for automation and stay with the times as we continuously explore technology. On-the-job training helps ensure the best methods of practice, with the inclusion of peer-to-peer and formal training.

Our flexible working is bespoke to each individual and their needs, whether it’s parents, carers, or specific needs. We understand that life differs from person to person and requirements will be different, so we continue to look into alternative ways to be more flexible. We are open-minded for new methods of flexibility, as we incorporate ideas such as a mixture of working from home and in the office.

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Highfield are a Certified Carbon Neutral Business