Security Statement

Highfield Professional Solutions Ltd has a management and corporate commitment to information security within the organisation and provides clear direction, guidance and responsibilities and procedures in this respect.

All Highfield Professional Solutions Ltd employees are briefed on the importance of personal data and security and confidentiality of information obtained.

All proprietary or confidential information, including personal data, is contained or stored on computer and any that is contained and stored on manual files are locked up and secure.

Highfield Professional Solutions monitors and logs access to its database so as to assist in detection and investigation of security breaches and any attempted breaches where they occur.

Highfield Professional Solutions Ltd maintains a business continuity plan as a contingency plan which identifies its business functions and assets (including personal data) which would need to be maintained in the event of disaster and set out the procedures for protecting and restoring them if necessary.

All staff are trained on security systems and relevant procedures are in place in relation to the obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Highfield Professional Solutions Ltd will endeavour to continue to take all reasonable steps in order to protect our information and all personal data.

Highfield are a Certified Carbon Neutral Business