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Trainee Recruitment Consultant



Content Marketing Executive


It's an exciting time to be part of our journey at HPS and DX, and a member of our marketing team as we shape the future plans for the business and the pivotal role marketing will play now and in the future....This role is super exciting for someone with a HUGE passion and skills for marketing and content creation!


Contract Delivery Consultant


Join us as a delivery consultant and develop your career in a way tailored to you, while being surrounded by like minded values, and people.


Recruitment Consultant


We're hiring for a recruitment consultant who fits the values we swear by and is looking to be a trusted, expert consultant in your niche.


Team Leader


We are looking for an experienced Team leader who wants to experience a brilliant work-life balance while leading an even more brilliant team.


Sales Consultant


We are hiring a Sales Consultant for our new Hi-tech markets. No matter your recruitment experience, it's our values that we look for.

A career and a future can be shaped by you here at Highfield.

Enjoy 4-day work weeks

We have a wide range of benefits at Highfield, including 4-day work weeks with no loss of pay or compressed schedule. Work-life balance is incredibly important to us and so, after a successful trial last year, we implemented this new working schedule as a permanent benefit.

So, you get to work for 4 days, while being paid for 5!

Listen to our co-founder Liam talk on BBC radio Solent talk about how and why we started 4-day weeks...

Hear about our culture

In an interview with TRN, Liam discusses our culture here at Highfield and the lessons he learnt over the years of running a business.

Delve into the journey of starting up a business with the vision to create a culture of trust, as we explore some of the best and worst milestones over the last 15 years.

Core Values

Honest and transparent at all times

Having an agency you trust is vital to a smooth and easy recruitment process, which is why our consultants keep you informed and clear on every detail throughout the journey. There is nothing hidden so you won’t feel lost or left out at any point, but instead able to trust the expert work of our consultants. We strive to be the most trusted, built environment recruitment business.

Niche sector experts

At Highfield we understand the value of providing our clients and candidates with true knowledge and expertise. We are proud of our ability to offer specialist and niche consultants within all of the sectors we support.

Bespoke solutions

We provide various solutions that fit around you and ensure high quality service and recruitment. Over a decade of experience, Highfield has seen and experienced some of the best ways to create a successful recruitment agency, which we continue to grow and build on.

Kay Fadden

Inspiring & Human Leadership

I have worked at Highfield for 3 years and wish I'd found them sooner - in that time I think the energy, focus for excellence and us being a great place to work has grown and continues to grow. We have just this month held a Company Wide vision day to collaborate our ideas and input in how we see ourselves as a business and the values that make us unique. Being surrounded by colleagues who are passionate and focused on where we are heading over the next 3 years is exciting. Everything is driven by opportunity and growth! Joining our team, you’ll be valued for what you have to say and do – if you can bring great energy, focus and a drive to be the best we should be your employer of choice!

People & Performance Manager

Sam Denham

Inspiring & Human Leadership

I have been with Highfield for nearly 2 and a half years now, and have really enjoyed my time with the company. I felt in 2020 the management team went above and beyond to support us all throughout the pandemic and aftermath. This is one of the crucial reasons the company is going from strength to strength in 2021. On a personal level I feel very privileged to be a part of the Data Centre team, as we are a tight knit bunch who are more than willing to share ideas and spur each other on to be successful.

Recruitment Consultant

Will Ford

You'll have a great line Manager

Andy is a great Manager who offers consistent support and industry knowledge when needed. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the Data Centre industry which motivates the DataX Team to be the best recruitment team within the booming industry. Andy is motivated by the team's success and genuinely cares about seeing the team grow and achieve big.

Recruitment Consultant

Lizzie Stein

We've got a strong culture

When I joined Highfield almost 2 years ago, I felt a great family culture across the board which made me feel very comfortable and want to get involved with everyone. I’ve recently transitioned into being the first fully remote home working employee of Highfield and it's been a really positive experience. I have been given all the resources at my fingertips so that working from home is just like working in the office and am included in all aspects of the team culture. I've bought my previous construction experience into the Data Centre team which is the “future” of most buildings – the company saw my potential in making them money so gave me the opportunity to prove them right!

Recruitment Consultant

Hannah Kelly

We care about the world and our social impact

I have only been at Highfield for 6 months so far, but in that time, we have managed to become carbon neutral and push for greater environmental awareness within the company. There has been a lot of support and excitement to improve our social impact and care for the planet, which helped me to feel like the business is looking at the future and cares about it.

Content Apprentice

Matt Casey

You'll have every opportunity to grow and develop

At Highfield there is a clear guide for progressing through the business. Having started as a resourcer, I have made my way up to Senior Consultant - it shows if you put in the hard work you can progress through the ranks. There is no limit to the number of senior consultants working here and Highfield want everyone to grow and develop into a successful recruiter.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Kieran McKay

You’ll be surrounded by great colleagues with similar values (Kieran)

A good culture is important for any business as if you can work with likeminded individuals who hold similar values it can only improve the enjoyment you have for your work. There is genuinely not one day where I dread going to work and a lot of that is down to the people I work with.

Contract Delivery Division Manager

Simon Vitsaides

We genuinely care about your wellbeing

Wellness is a big part of the Highfield culture and they have multiple mental health first aiders and invite employees for regular wellness check ins. The wellness feature in the monthly newsletter has great tips that range from mental wellness to financial wellness so I always look forward to that each month. I love the wellness room which is a great space for if you want to meditate or just a fancy a bit of peace & quiet but also on the flip side, we have the breakout room with table tennis, pool table etc so you really have the opportunity to check out on your lunchbreak and clear your head. Highfield is a great place to work and I really do believe that my wellness has improved since I have been at Highfield over the past 5 and half years!

George Harrison

We have a great reward and benefits package

There are many reasons why working here is great such as, reward and benefits, supportive management, a clear progression route, good office environment, as well as the achievements little and large being acknowledged and celebrated! The business has a good reputation in the sectors we work in and we have the tools you need to succeed at our finger tips.

Sector Lead

Natasha Ward

We invest heavily in all the best tools to do the job

Highfield invest a lot of time, effort and funds into staying at the forefront of the industry and are never afraid of integrating new ideas and software to help us succeed. Over the last 18 months in particular we have been backed with new recruitment specific technologies such as a tailored video platform, automation software and a continuous feedback cycle. This helps us set ourselves apart from other companies, as well as enabling us to do our jobs as recruiters as effectively & efficiently as possible.

Recruitment Consultant

Ben Palmer

We strive to provide you the best flexible working environment

Highfield have been amazing for me in terms of helping with maintaining that work/life balance. I had my first child just before the lockdowns began and since our return to the office, I have worked with my manager to create a plan of how I could best balance my home and office time. For me a mixed approach worked perfectly. Not only have I seen the benefits in my family life in having been able to be around for all those special moments with the little one but also my work performance has benefited too. Highfield / DataX offers the perfect blend of being able to manage your own time but also supporting you to ensure that you are able to achieve your work goals too.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Take your next steps into something rewarding

Grow and excel alongside a company doing just the same.

How have we built a successful recruitment business for over ten years? Simple – it’s the training and development, it’s the culture, it’s the incentives, and the opportunity to create an income equal to your success. The social events, the leaders sitting within the teams and importantly, the chance for you to go further in your career than you ever imagined.

With an average first-year earnings at around £40k, maintaining targets means a recruitment consultant can only go up from there. A successful recruiter can climb the ladder quickly so that in no time, and with some hard work, you could be reaching senior management status. If you stick with recruiting as a profession you could quickly be earning 100k+ in these roles.

This is a huge opportunity to either start your recruitment career or continue in a new environment and thrive. We will always look to support people with talent and the motivation to succeed. To thrive at Highfield you need to be able to multitask with a smile, have the confidence to talk with clients and hit performance related KPI’s.

Even through a time that was so uncertain for the world and its businesses, we grew and looked after every individual within Highfield Professional Solutions. We ensure everyone has a voice, as we encourage a culture of sharing ideas, no matter how weird or strong they are.

The people are what make a company and our team are drawn from all walks of life and various experience. Having such a blend of different skill sets and backgrounds acts as the perfect catalyst for our successful culture.

If you bring the best attitude, we’ll bring the opportunity to excel. Seize your ambition and work hard with great rewards here at Highfield. The industry is tough, but are you more so?

Highfield are a Certified Carbon Neutral Business