A reflection of the year and what value you can enjoy with us

A reflection on the year and what value you can enjoy from us

Mar 28, 2023

As we come to the end of our first quarter, we have been reflecting on the start of the year and the incredible experiences of 2022. We’re here to provide the best customer service we can; learning about what’s important to you in order to give a bespoke and trusted recruitment experience.

Towards the end of 2022, Highfield and DataX were proud to receive a great selection of awards, including

  • Best Customer Service Award
  • Employer Award
  • Business of the Year
  • Best Customer-Focused Recruitment Company
  • Highest Percentage award from the 5% Club- for our commitment to learning and having the largest % of our team on a recognised L&D programme
  • Employer of the year

Receiving these awards was a great honour to us but ultimately they mean a lot because they reflect the support and trust our customers have in us which is why we come to work each day.

Our time as a recruitment agency has led us to these growing relationships we have with you as we work together to ensure you can reach your goals. No matter what your idea of your future looks like, we want to build that with you and give you the tools and platform that you need to succeed. We’ve all had to go through the job searching process at various points in our lives so we really do understand the challenges you might face whether you’re seeking a job or a person to fit your vacancy. It’s not easy and we get that

||           Employers

Tell us your company vision, your unique culture, and the ideal future as you see it! We can help you get there and fill your dream with the candidates that can make it happen. Show us all the amazing parts of your business! This is your chance to proudly boast about your achievements as an employer. The more we get to know what your business is like, the more we can show some talented candidates what they could be a part of as well as make sure they are the right fit for your business in addition to having the right skills. Our ever-growing, expert teams have a strong network of candidates that could be your perfect match.

||           Job Seekers

Job seekers, tell us about your dreams, your goals, your exciting plans and adventures! We want to understand your individual needs and get to know who you are and therefore find the perfect job that matches your lifestyle and goals as well as your skills and experience.

You have so much to offer employers and we work with them to understand you as a person, in addition to your capability, to make sure their culture is right for you. Each of us has our own reasons to go to work – family, money, a love of holidays – and we know that yours will be unique to you. Let us discover your priorities together and work out the best career that will fill every need and want as our lovely consultants make your journey through recruitment easy.

We know that just about every company tells you that they care about their customers, and we share the same sentiment, but we truly work hard to help you in a time of vulnerability. Constant communication with open and honest conversations will help you to feel completely taken care of and kept as a priority at Highfield; not just a number. But if you were just a number, you’d be number 1! …Too cheesy?

Relationships aren’t one way though. You are of course the main focus, but you have the chance to get to know us a little too. The exciting, new profile pages on our website means you can get to know each of our consultants in much more detail – maybe a little more than we expected, but we do keep saying about honesty! They are there to first and foremost provide you with the best recruitment experience they can but to also share your stories and decisions at a point that can be a major crossroads in our lives. That’s a little harder to do when it’s just a voice at the end of the phone. So, take the chance to know a little bit more about your recruiter or even begin your search there as you can see all the specialist jobs each of our consultants are working on through their pages here for Highfield and here for DataX.

Looking into the future (or at least into 2023!) we have some very exciting plans at Highfield and DataX Connect and ideas to build trust and we want you to be a part of it.

Have some long-term plans yourself? Then come and have a chat with us and see what we can do! We can at least offer you some feedback and if we can’t help you we will always be honest and point you in the right direction.

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