Wellbeing’s importance in your career

Feb 9, 2023

What have we done in our first month with our new well-being platform Heka? Read about George’s well-being experience.

Well-being is …well important. We hear it often, and it couldn’t be more true. It seems like an easy statement doesn’t it? But how can you keep on top of your well-being whilst at work? The juggle between your health, career success, responsibilities and more can be a bit of a challenge on your own.  You ideally want a job where your work and personal life are not at odds with each other right?

Aim to find a company that has a work-life balance to be proud of, somewhere that provides opportunities and support to help you achieve this. Imagine being able to work in a way that brings you happiness and fulfilment in the way you individually need for your own unique well-being needs. Can you get a personalised working experience that matches all of your needs? You should never settle for less than you are worth!

So many questions can come to mind when looking for a career that supports your mental health and well-being because it is just so important to maintain a healthy balance. Lockdown taught us the importance of spending more time on ourselves so it is only natural if you worry about how starting a new job will impact your well-being. Highfield and DataX are no strangers to well-being needs, we all have them! We keep trying new things and seeing where the next challenge takes us towards improving the health and well-being of everyone here. Two years ago we were one of the first companies to introduce the 4-day working week and then last year we brought in unlimited holiday this year it was our wellbeing pot.

There are many different aspects to well-being and we all need different support at different points in our life. For example, at one point you may want support with your sleep, next month it could be your diet, maybe keeping fit or a health check. And so, as your needs can change month to month, signing up to one benefit for the year wouldn’t work for most people. This is what led us to partner with Heka, a well-being service that provides a wide range of benefits to suit individual needs that you can change each month. Our people get a monthly well-being pot for each individual that they can use to spend towards any of the amazing products and services that Heka support such as gym memberships, exercise equipment, financial appointments, and healthy eating (like Hello Fresh and Huel) to name just a few. There is so much on there to suit a wide range of needs.

One of the biggest factors we prioritise is the fact that everyone is individual, and therefore, a ‘one size fits all’ just…doesn’t fit all. We trust our people to know what’s best for them, and we want to help them achieve it. The response has been really positive, with people picking a variety of benefits to suit them. We spoke to George, one of our amazing consultants who had a life ambition to learn piano and used Heka to help him achieve this!

Hey George, What benefit did you choose this month?

Piano lessons.

What inspired you to choose this?

I want to be able to walk up to a piano in a train station and play a few bangers.

Is there an end goal or was this something you were keen on just trying out?

To master Afterglow by Wilkinson

(A great choice by the way George!)

What effect will this have on your well-being?

Only positives, it’s nice to work out my brain on something outside of work, that will give me true self-satisfaction.

How was your first lesson?

An eye-opener! It gave me a newfound respect to anyone that can play an instrument.

Will there be more lessons? Are we looking at the next Mozart or Chopin?

For sure, next lesson is already booked in.

How did you feel after your lesson?

Like I’d taken my first step of a marathon…with only one leg.

Has the opportunity inspired you to try something new or save up for a dream?

This is new and a dream so for now I’m sticking with mastering the keys.

What’s your plan for next month’s allowance?

More lessons.

Anything else you want to say about your first month with the Heka benefits?

Seems a great platform, it has many different options, there’s something for everyone on there.

After buying a cheap keyboard from a guy down the street, George used the lockdowns during Covid to begin teaching himself how to play, but life got in the way -as it does- and it had been a while since he’d been back on the keys. Unfortunately, though, Heka didn’t have a partnership with the music teacher that George had found.. However! With some back and forth chats together, we managed to arrange with Heka for the lessons to be covered, and the personalised service gave George his first piano lesson.

We’re thrilled to see the benefits already being made to people’s wellbeing and all the different ways people are taking care of themselves. There are definitely going to be plenty more stories to come!

Visit our vacancies page if you move to a more personalised wellbeing benefit and enjoy a company that works relentlessly behind the scenes to develop this for you.

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