Architecture Trends for 2018  

Dec 19, 2017

Architecture and design is continuing to evolve, and there is an influx of demand for new technologies and new designs. Therefore, the industry is continuing to make changes to keep up with these growing demands and the Architecture trends we see are always changing.

Let’s take look at the biggest architecture trends that are likely to be seen throughout 2018.

Open Plan Living
Open Plan living is becoming increasingly popular and is starting to take shape in a lot of homes. The open plan space is designed to blur the lines between the different sections of a house, and encourage sociability and openness between people in different areas.

This new idea is giving homes a communal, friendly, and welcoming feel. It is becoming increasingly popular for families, ensuring that children grow up in a less segregated home.

This new trend is also taking shape in the place of work in order to maximise space and encourage cooperation and team work among employees.

Multiple Master Bedrooms
As property and rent prices continue to rise, it is becoming more difficult for first time buyers to afford housing and families to afford living costs. Therefore, is it becoming increasingly popular for people to house share. This is creating opportunity for more self-contained living spaces within one property. So, the use of multiple master bedrooms is now necessary to have.

Integrated Electronics
As smart devices continue to evolve and become a demand for many people, it is becoming a necessity for most homes. Smart devices are now more common and more accessible in terms of cost and ease. For example, it is now popular for furniture to come with wireless charging pads built-in. It is being noted that eventually we will just be able to walk into certain rooms in our home and our phones will be able to charge through wireless technology.

Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting is an increasingly popular trend that is set to take wave in 2018. Glass walls and bigger windows are going to start showcasing the wonders of natural lighting. This trend is said to become popular due to it being most visually pleasing and complimentary to both the inside and outside of buildings.


Are there any other architecture trends we should be looking out for? What would you like to see in 2018?? Tweet us @highfieldrec to let us know your thoughts.

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