Construction Trends of 2017

Nov 27, 2017

There have been plenty of new construction trends making an appearance in the construction industry throughout 2017. The increasing demands, evolving needs of clients and the ever changing market place mean that the industry must continually improve, resulting in new techniques and ‘ways to do it’.

However, it’s not just down to the change within the industry. A big part of this is advancements in technology, and an increased focus on sustainability. This plays a vital role, pushing construction companies to consider different construction methods and technologies that are smarter and greener than ever before. Although many of these trends are prominent in the construction world, it is interesting to see just how impactful these trends currently are, and how they are going to change the industry.

The demand for smarter buildings is increasing due to the rapid progression of technology and its affordability. As a result, The Internet of Things is an innovation which is being incorporated into modern building designs to automate certain functions, such as energy and water consumption. The use of this technology will look to improve sustainability, efficiency, safety, interacting and personalisation to those who use the it.

Mobile technology for on-site construction management is a new way in which will help construction workers manage their time and site more efficiently. The use of apps will enable workers to increase their productivity and make their time easier for administration purposes. These new apps will enable all field coordination, as well as people management processes such as timesheets, performance reports and task allocation. These can be assigned, reviewed, and tracked, meaning that management will have more time on their hands to organise sites and other tasks.

Green buildings are growing at an increasing rate. They use a lot less energy, which, in return, will make them considerably cheaper to run. Combined with the growing concern on the environment, this has led to building regulations being put in place to increase the use of renewable energy, and the government are now aiming to have 4 million solar powered homes up and running by 2020.

3D computer designs that use Building Information Modelling (BIM) are the new standard. These drawings provide an incredible visual experience that will give the whole picture. This innovation is becoming a popular process to view the design, which will make it easier to find any faults or issues before construction is set to take place.

The above is only a few of the many construction trends that are shaping the construction industry. How do you feel about how technology is changing the industry as we know it? Let us know by tweeting us @HighfieldREC !

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