Why Drones are taking over the Construction Industry

Nov 5, 2018

Drones are no longer just an expensive high-tech toy for those of us who are lucky enough to be able to afford the hefty price tag and are highly into gadgets. They are now largely being used in billion dollar industries like construction to keep ahead of its competition.

In 2016, consumer drone popularity hit an all-time high, being the number item on a Christmas list that year. In 2016 2.5 million drones were sold in the world, which was almost double than that of 2015. It is predicted that this will increase to around 8 million a year by 2020.

So why has it become so popular for drones to be a crucial part of the construction industry? Well, there are many reasons and it doesn’t look like the use of drones within the industry is slowing down any time soon, with it being the number one trend to continue in 2019. If you want to keep an edge on your competitors then a drone will keep you ahead of the game.


A project in construction can take time, especially at the initial stages. You will need surveys and if there is a way in which this could take as little time as possible and cost you half the money, then you will want to use it. Drones in construction have made surveying much easier by playing a huge role in making data collection simple and capturing the best angles and views.


You will be able to show clients the progress in a much more quick and efficient way. If your client cannot be at the site, then a use of a drone will be able to capture development in an inventive way that can show angles and images that are better than a photo. You will also be able to keep the client updated on the progress of a project in real time.


Safety Regulations are crucial for the construction industry and can be difficult to maintain at all times. With a drone, you will be able to capture views that you may not have seen with a naked eye. A drone will be able to view a site in real time from all angles, this can help with safety, especially if you may be dealing with a dangerous structure. It will mean you will be able to send drones into areas that are not necessarily safe for a worker to enter.

Keeping on Track

Keeping on track of a project is important, you are wanting to make sure that everything is running how it should and that you are keeping to budget where possible. Being able to monitor your sites with the use of a drone you will be much better prepared to remove anything that may impact additions to the project time and cost.


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