What to expect from the recruitment industry in 2018

Dec 6, 2017

The recruitment industry in 2018 is set for new challenges, and many changes, to keep up with the demanding growth of the world’s technology and economy. It is rumoured that we are going to see a transformation in how recruitment agencies find candidates like yourself, and see further growth of the industry.

So, what changes can we expect to see, and will you agree with them? We’ve outlined the key ones below…

Data handling

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is on the lips of most recruiters at the moment. The current EU Regulations are being increased significantly, and the new versions will come into effect in May 2018. This will mean you have more control over what kind of correspondence you receive from a recruiter (as well as those pesky online shopping emails), and can ascertain just how and why they are storing your data. The likelihood is, you will receive a lot of emails from any newsletters you’ve signed up to in the coming months, just to check you’re still happy to receive them. If you’re signed up with Highfield, keep an eye in your inbox to confirm your subscriptions.

Social media

Social Media is currently taking over the world; there are 1.871 billion active users on Facebook daily. This is by far the most active social media channel, with Instagram coming in second with 600 million users per day and Twitter third with 317 million users per day.

Long story short, we’re going to see a huge shift in the use of social media for recruiting. Just like Amazon are challenging Google, Facebook is starting to challenge LinkedIn. Facebook are currently trialling their job boards in North America and Canada, which enables users to search and apply for jobs directly from their app, making it easier and quicker to apply for jobs. The new feature will collate a pre-populated page with your name, education, and job history, which it takes from your current profile. You can edit this, and you are also able to type a cover letter for up to 1000 characters. Did you know you can apply for any job on www.highfieldps.co.uk through our ‘apply with Facebook’ button?


Advertising and marketing will take more of a turn towards social media, which is an additional way we can now post job adverts online, on top of the job boards and LinkedIn. As the number of active users on social media platforms increase, recruiters will start to take full advantage of each and every social media channel. Even Instagram and Snapchat are being used by some companies for internal recruitment recently, so watch this space! (Did you know Highfield are on Instagram? See what we get up to and give us a follow @highfieldrec )

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere now. It is a not a new concept, but it is a concept that is slowly growing in the way we use it. According to the experts, AI will help to cut back on potential lengthy and time-consuming recruitment processes. The use of online chat is already offering new ways in communicating with consumers, so AI will offer a smarter, more efficient way of recruiting that can be used alongside consultants in a unified, structured approach.


How do you feel about the changes set to take wave in 2018 in the recruitment indsutry? Would you ever apply for a role on Facebook? What would make the recruitment process easier for you? Let us know, tweet us at @HighfieldREC!

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