How Hinkley Point C will benefit the UK’s Job & Energy Industry

Feb 23, 2021

With such a large construction project, HPC will be the provider of 25,000 jobs as well as socio-economic benefits with a target of £130 million investment for the local community; keeping HPC a great supporter of the UK workforce and residents. All of this provided in just the construction phase alone. Once the power station is complete, Hinkley Point C is estimated to produce 26TWh every year in its predicted 60 year lifetime which is enough to power 6 million households. For those looking for work or experience within the nuclear or construction industry or if you’re just a curious person wanting to learn more about cleaner energy, Hinkley Point power stations are a good start and can provide potential opportunities.

The country needs energy, that’s the simple fact of it all. With such a high demand, there has to be preparations for the future and relying on fossil fuels will only get us so many years. This requirement of energy is only going to increase with the early decommissioning of Hinkley Point B, meaning a replacement will be needed sooner rather than later. Construction having already started on Hinkley Point C shows the action already being taken to keep energy production growing and providing around 7% of Great Britain’s expected electricity demand in the 2020s.

Although there may be concern with the costs of HPC rising by almost £2.9 billion more than the original estimate, however, EDF Energy’s strategy director, Paul Spence said “The important point for me to make is that those costs are not costs that hit the consumer, they are costs that come to us as shareholders in the project.” Meaning that while there may be some delays and adjustments to funding, it is still a construction that is designed to benefit the energy sector, economy, and importantly the workers.

£1.1 billion in contracts have already been given to companies in the North and Midlands, allowing British businesses and workers to gain knowledge and experience with high-quality nuclear construction. We have been helping search for a wide range of skills and experience to fill these positions throughout the construction period, looking from specialists to those who have barely begun on their journeys, creating opportunities to progress and develop. Having already placed planners, supply chain managers & EC&I engineers with more roles and positions yet to fill, we have helped get many people secure work on this project up to this point and continue the search for more. No matter the skills or experience, see what one of our expert consultants can do for you on 01489 774 010.

As a part of the £130 million investment in the community there will be support for education, local training, and infrastructure improvement, showing a backing for the surrounding area alongside the support for the country as a whole. The inspire program is a part of this concept, encouraging young people into science, technology, engineering, and maths with the creation of meaningful opportunities and engagement with students. There is often so much focus on attending university and doing well in certain curriculums in school, but many people have untapped skills within STEM subjects where they may normally struggle to find the support and are now being advised and guided into a wider range of opportunities within the construction and nuclear sector. Helping to create a new generation within cleaner energy and renewable futures.

Hinkley Point C is a replacement of current nuclear power stations already in the area, taking over the role of the soon-to-be decommissioned Hinkley Point B and continuing to provide support and opportunities to people from school age to experienced engineers and specialists. Careful funding has been placed into the hands of British workers with the creation of jobs throughout the life of the power station. We are already filling positions and working hard to get more people placed within the site and roles required to build this nuclear power station, whether that is someone looking to continue their skills within the sector or start fresh.

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