Elle Stephenson

Talent Acquisition Lead

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Want to work for Highfield? I am the person you NEED to speak to.

Recruiting talent into the recruitment industry has been my life for the last 7.5 years.

My mantra – “values over experience”


If you want to have a look at what jobs I have, that you might be interested in, then you can find them all here on our Join our Team page.


I am an extremely open minded person that would choose family over anything!! I have to always have a holiday planned otherwise I get really down in the dumps – City breaks are the one!

If I had a choice to go out to the pub OR go to Next and buy some fresh PJ’s with a root around Homesense, I would choose Next & Homesense every time – call me sad, but I’m such a home bird!

Down fall? I’m a beige food eater. I am that person that will ask for their mayo chicken plain.

Country music is my fave – Nashville and Memphis holiday pending… May 2023!

My current roles

"Elle was Personable and honest throughout. She acted as a sounding board and really made the whole process easy. The way she treats candidates is commendable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new opportunity in recruitment."


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