5 Tips to Get Over the Graduation Fear

Nov 17, 2016

Graduating soon? Does the thought of the ‘real world’ where you have to pay taxes, show up on time and work from 9-5 scare you? Chances are you’re waiting to graduate with an impeding sense of dread, wondering if outside of uni life you can survive?

Let’s start by forgetting this idea of the ‘real world’. Yes, you may have been living in a bubble of student life and £1 vodka red bulls, but believe it or not you have been living in the ‘real word’ this whole time without even realising it! I speak from experience; Graduate life really isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be.

The truth is, most people don’t really know exactly where they’re headed. It doesn’t matter whether they’re 22 or 62!
Here are my top tips on how you can transition smoothly in to grad life!

1) Enjoy it!

Leaving behind a life you have spent three years creating can be hard, but remember you’re about to embark on your next adventure, one that allows you to start a career in anything you desire. Your success is down to you!

2) Use your experience

The idea of endless job applications, interviews and CVs can be a daunting thought after you’ve graduated; but don’t fret being a student teaches you more than how to meet a deadline after minimal sleep. You’ve got solid proof that you’ve stuck something out for at least three years! Relate your assignments to practical situations and make sure you portray the skills you’ve gained.

3) Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Rejection is normal, even when you’ve got all the experience in the world you’re not guaranteed to land your dream job the first time round. Remember, everyone else is finding their way too – you are definitely not alone! Look around and you’ll soon realisethere are thousands of other graduates in the same boat as you. Stay positive, talk to your peers and keep active with your job search, you never know what is round the corner!

4) Embrace routine

Yes, I know, there is little to no routine at uni, a three-hour day with a trip to the pub for lunch – this can make a 9-5 job seem absurd. I can hear you all asking – will I get a nap break at work? Unfortunately not, but routine is actually good for your health! It is also a lot easier than you probably think – and after all you always have the weekend for naps!

5) The fun doesn’t have to stop

So maybe a midweek night isn’t on the cards anymore, but now you’re out of uni and in the working world it doesn’t mean the fun has to end, workers still go out you know! You have the fun of office banter, work night outs and Christmas dos to come! Embrace it and enjoy it!
While life after graduation may seem like a pretty scary step, it could, in fact, be the most exciting stage yet! With no more exams, lectures, assignments or deadlines, you are now in control of your future.
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For now lets say goodbye to the post-graduation blues, and hello to your exciting new future!

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