7 things that will happen during your first month in recruitment

Jun 8, 2017

Graduates, so you’ve decided a career in recruitment is for you. A lucrative, busy and exciting job is right around the corner. But let us break you in gently and prepare you for what, without a doubt, will happen during your first month in recruitment.

You’ll gear yourself up to make the best call yet…and you’ll get their voicemail

The thought of your first few calls can be daunting, and you’ll no doubt do a load of prep to make sure you well and truly boss your first call. You psych yourself up and the phone will ring and ring and ring…until voicemail. But once you’ve finally got that call out the way, and nailed it, the rest of them will soon come naturally.

You blow your commission in the first weekend

You’ve worked extra hard to earn the extra pounds in commission. Pay day comes and you are pleasantly surprised. What’s this, you’re going out to celebrate your successful month? Don’t be surprised when next week comes and you feel like a student again. Your first commission pay is an exciting moment and it is far too easy to blow it on celebrations and luxury items you’ve had on your wish list. So, make sure you keep up the hard work and the commission continues to flow in.

You hear every excuse possible for interview no shows

You start off your career as a young, slightly naive, trusting recruiter. Unfortunately, that won’t last long. Interviews get cancelled, and even worse interviews get cancelled 5 minutes before. The excuses you here will shock you at first, from the likes of ‘I’ve just put my casserole in the oven’ to ‘I’ve somehow just got on a plane.’ – but by the end of the month no excuse will shock you.

You’ll realise memorising a tea round for 10 people will never be something you can master

Recruiters love their tea and coffee, in your first week in recruitment it is wise to step up and get involved in making the round, it’s a sure-fire way to make friends. Don’t worry if you put 2 sugars in Tom’s coffee when he actually asked for tea no sugars – this is a mistake that you’ll probably keep making. Remembering a tea round for 10 thirsty recruiters is a skill that takes years to master.

Your confidence will grow at rapid speed

Starting any job out of uni can be a nerve-racking experience, you’re out of that student bubble and in to the working world, learning a ton of new skills. Chuck yourself in the deep end, get stuck in and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need and by the end of the month you will be calling candidates and filling jobs with confidence.

That CRM that frazzled your mind 4 weeks ago? Now you’re a pro

Your first week of recruitment will feature many stresses around your company’s chosen CRM. With the right training and using it the right way, by the end of the week it will soon become your recruiting best friend!

You’ll settle in super quickly – fellow recruiters are mostly a friendly bunch!

When it comes to making friends, us recruiters know how to make you feel welcome. Within no time you’ll feel at ease and be right in the middle of the office banter.

Have you survived your first month in recruitment? Is there anything else we should add to the list?

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