“BIM is key to future of QS profession” says RICS

Jun 7, 2017

Quantity Surveying’s uptake of this new approach to design and construction has been somewhat slower to date than hoped, however BIM ’s ability to automate measurement and speed up the traditional estimating process pose a number of rewards further down the line for Quantity Surveyors.

Last month, the annual NBS National BIM Report was released and looks in to the changes the industry has experienced since the BIM mandate was introduced in April 2016.

Key findings of the report are as follows:

  • Government is on the right track with the software, and 51% of respondents agree. This is supported by the uptake in use of BIM, with 62% of practices using BIM on at least some projects.
  • Government had hoped that BIM would help improve costs, time and emissions. The survey shows a rather split result, showing;

– 60% believing time efficiency on projects has improved

–  70% thought cost reduction in the design, build and maintenance lifecycle improved and shows hope for future success.

– Only 44% backed BIM’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The government have really pushed the BIM mandate. However, many felt that is has not successfully been enforced. A third from the survey explained that they were not clear on how to comply with the mandate, whilst others mentioned a lack of client education on the software was a limiting factor.
  • The survey did show some positivity however, that once BIM is adopted the majority opted for it as their preferred tool for design methodology.

The main limitation for QS’s getting fully on board seems to be the necessary level of software and training that is required to really make this a viable tool. However, once implemented, the benefits seem to outweigh any negatives.

The recent NBS National BIM report supports the fact that it can in fact assist in making greater efficiencies, primarily in saving time and cost reduction. It also facilitates the process of making changes in design or layout and conveying these to the project owner. This benefits QS’s majorly as it enables them to carry out their roles more effectively, in turn increasing productivity and ensuring a more thorough approach to individual projects.

Are you a Quantity Surveyor with experience using BIM? We would love to know your thoughts and if you agree with the findings of the National report.

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