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How can LinkedIn help you secure your next job?

Nov 29, 2016

LinkedIn is famously known as the social network for professionals, it allows both active job seekers and passive candidates to promote their skills and experience to recruiters and companies, as well as being able to network with fellow professionals.
Although LinkedIn now has 433 million members, many of us are not as clued up on all LinkedIn’s different features as we could be. However, if you want to get to benefit out of LinkedIn’s features it is worth getting to grips with.

Here are 7 ways in which LinkedIn can help you find your dream job:

1) Job search page

Not everyone knows this but LinkedIn does actually have a dedicated job search function. Either use the search bar to search for jobs within your skillset or click on the Jobs tab at the top of the homepage to be taken to a keyword search box.

2) Keep your profile up to date

If you want your profile to be noticed by recruiters and companies, you need to treat your LinkedIn profile like your online CV. Showcase your experience and skills so that when someone visits your profile they know exactly what you do and what you’re good at!

3) Get connected

LinkedIn is amazing for networking at ease. Connect with people you know, work with, or are interested in – keep an eye out for their updates and interact with posts you find of interest and have value to add. Another major advantage of being connected to someone is that you can message them for free instead of having to pay for an upgrade to ‘InMail’ someone.

4) Share updates

Showcase yourself as an expert in your field by posting updates, opinions and interesting articles. You never know who might see these and be seriously impressed.

5) Recommendations

Why should people just take your word for how great you are? Use the recommendations feature on LinkedIn to get colleagues to endorse you. People listen to the opinions are others, and a great recommendation could do your job search wonders!

6) Company pages

Most companies have a LinkedIn page which you can follow and keep up to date with the latest company news. Follow the companies you are interested in working for and keep your eye out for when they post jobs.

7) Recruiters

As well as following company pages, follow recruitment companies like ourselves. With jobs being posted regularly you won’t miss out on the latest opportunities.

If you have any other tips on how LinkedIn can help with your job search we would love to hear from you, drop as a tweet @highfieldrec.

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