What can job seekers learn from the Olympics?

Aug 25, 2016

The Olympics gets underway this weekend and countries all over the world will be focused on the athletic event. Many of us will watch in awe of the skill, dedication, talent and focus that athletes from all over the world put in. Yet these traits do not only apply to Olympic athletes, they can also be carried over to the non-Olympic world.
The drive to aim for the best, the passion to battle through any setbacks and the unrivalled work ethic of these athletes are skills that can help us progress in our job or secure a new role. So if you are looking for a change in career, here are some lessons you can learn from the Olympics to get you gold in your job hunt.
1. Never stop improving
For Olympic athletes the drive to continually improve can be the difference between getting gold and heading home with nothing. They must constantly push themselves to be faster, stronger, and better than they’ve ever been. This is the attitude you should have to your job search. Pushing yourself to learn, improve and excel will help ensure you beat off the competition.
2. Don’t give up
Olympic athletes can have all sorts of setbacks thrown their way from injuries to heart breaking defeats. Athletes don’t take these setbacks as a time to give up, they take these and use it as determination to do better next time. So if you happen to get a no in an interview, don’t give up keep going and working hard to get the next role you apply for.
3. Have a game face
Competing in front of millions of people can be an extraordinary nerve wracking experience, but when looking at many of the best athletes you wouldn’t be able to tell. They manage to keep their fear and nerves under wraps, allowing them to come across as strong and confident. If you’re nervous about an interview do your best to put on your game face, create a professional persona and show that you have the skills, drive and determination to succeed.
4. Have a clear goal
Every athlete in the Olympics will have a goal, more than likely this will be to win gold. But this is simply the last of a set of goals they have achieved along the way to get to the event itself. Set yourself goals along the way of your job search, maybe it is to secure two interviews for the next week, or apply for 5 jobs a day. Whatever it may be, by achieving those goals you will be one stop closer to getting your new job.
5. Use your strengths to succeed
When it comes to the Olympics each athlete will play on their strength to get them to the finish line. When it comes to your job search make sure you use your strengths to your advantage. What skills and experience do you possess that other candidates may not have? What is it that you have that makes you perfect for the role? Be confident and proud of your strengths and achievements.
Over the coming weeks, if you’re watching the Olympics, think about the skills that have been put in to get to where they are, apply these to your job search and you’ll be on your way to your job search. If you need a bit of coaching or support along the way, why not in touch with one of our expert consultants on 01489 774 010 and see how they can help you achieve gold.

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