Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Oct 10, 2019

The aim for world mental health day is to raise awareness for mental health issues as well as advocate against the social stigma of it. This a day whereby we can provide the opportunity to add wider conversation to it, as well as highlighting the great work that has already been contributed such as addressing mental health stigma in the workplace.

This year, the theme is suicide and suicide prevention. Suicide is a tragedy that affects families and communities and has dramatic long lasting effects. These are just some of the statistics of why we need to raise awareness:

  • Every year close to 800,000 people globally take their life, and there is many more people who attempt to.
  • It’s the leading cause of death amongst young people aged 20-34 in the UK and globally the second leading cause of death amongst 15-29 year-olds.

In support of this World Mental Health Day, we are reflecting how we create learning opportunities for our staff and raise their overall level of understanding of mental health as well as supporting those who might need the most help.

Here at Highfield we make mental well-being a priority in the work place. We do this by creating a supportive work environment and carrying out activities to promote well-being. This includes having a personal trainer come every Thursday – it’s a great way to catch up with colleagues and strengthen positive attitudes. We also have a meditation room where people can have a moment with their thoughts and time to relax.

Our financial controller is a qualified mental health aide and is currently running weekly group meditation sessions which is great for anyone who needs that extra support. In addition to this, he also writes a well-received column in our monthly Highfield Newsletter, giving employees tips on wellbeing and mental endurance.

The Top Apps we recommend for Positive Well-being

Calm App – The App includes over 100 new programmes every month and includes; meditation, calming music, daily calm, positive body programmes and many more!  It has over 200,000K+ positive reviews as well as being rated top by our own staff. Apps are a great way to improve your positive mental attitude. Especially those who may be unwilling/unable to attend face to face therapy. Or for those who just simply want to improve their lifestyle and thoughts.

7 Cups – The app is for if you are feeling isolated? Connect instantly with one of 160,000 trained volunteer listeners and licensed therapists with 7 Cups. The app engages users in anonymous, free, confidential conversations so you can vent about your day or simply hear a human voice. It also gives the option to connect with multiple users and to participate in guided discussions in group support chat rooms.

What should you do if you need help?

  • Talk to your local GP
  • Inform friends/family

If you have a friend/family member who you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, here are a few tips on how you can help them.

  • Listen to them
  • Talk them out of negative situations
  • Talk through practical steps
  • Change the conversation to positive thoughts
  • Take care of yourself as well

It is very important that we get rid of the negative stigma of mental health, because it is just that that is making people suffer more!

This week is a great time to have a chat with a friend, family member or colleague and have think about your own well-being too. You could even join some campaigns to help raise awareness.

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