STEM Day 2019

STEM Day 2019

Nov 8, 2019

STEM is an acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) introduced in the US by scientific administrators of the National Science Foundation. It was revealed that students in America were underachieving dramatically in STEM-related disciplines compared to other countries. However, since then, these programmes have been acquired by countries all over the world such as China, France, Australia, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

The charity has a vision of young people from all backgrounds having the ability to have the knowledge and skills to thrive when progressing into STEM related careers. As well as, improving the general awareness of these subjects and partnering with other charities such as WISE to encourage women to be in roles such as engineering and science.

According to the US department of Commerce STEM occupations are growing at 17% in relation to other occupations at 9.8%. Additionally, STEM degree holders have a higher income even in non-STEM careers. Careers in Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are ones that are a key component in sustained growth and also the stability of the economy. Educating in these topics is so important to young students, and here are some reasons why:

  • Science and technology is everywhere around us and continuously expanding
  • Engineering is the basic designs of roads and bridges as well as tackling the challenges of the changing global weather and environmentally friendly changes.
  • Mathematics is in every occupation and every activity we do in our lives.

As a recruitment agency that are experts in the engineering industry, it is important to us that we support STEM learning. Our directors take visits (see picture below) to our local schools to make donations of robots in support of the promotion of engineering in younger generations. These robots are used in the schools STEM department.

This learning is something that is very close to us, as we aim to drive and inspire young people from all backgrounds into these sectors. We care about our applicants and want to advise as well as support them to help them to achieve their dream job. With a proven track record of supplying expert consultants in STEM disciplines, it is a partner you can trust. Helping raise awareness for STEM has so much significance to us and we try to contribute as much as possible, as it can have a great difference on the pathway that young people take. 

By celebrating the day, it encourages younger generations to pursue an interest in STEM. Talking about the opportunities that STEM related careers can provide could help someone decided their future.

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