How is technology aiding the construction industry?

Aug 9, 2017

Up until very recent years, the construction industry has been one of the least digitised sectors, with few technological changes. However, as technology continues to grow and become a huge part of day to day life, it should come as no surprise that many of the biggest construction trends and changes revolve around new technologies that improve and enhance the building design and construction process.

Technology in the work place can cause some concern, with media focusing on types of tech coming in to steal your job. We believe you should not see the technological progress within the construction sector as a negative, but in fact as a creative reinvention. So, let’s take a look at the methods that are currently shaping the industry and how we can embrace them going forward.


Drones are currently a massive trend around the world, however, industries are now looking at how they can benefit from this clever technology within the working world. Drones allow for us to improve efficiency, eliminate human errors and improve health and safety.

Smart Buildings

As technology rapidly progresses and becomes more affordable, our buildings are becoming more intelligent. Smart buildings are using information technology to stay connected to building systems, people and the global environment. Buildings can use automated processes to control building operations such as heating, air conditioning, lighting and security.

BIM Modelling

A major change within the construction industry has been the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM has replaced traditional blueprints with fully detailed, intelligent and interactive 3D models. The building information model is, in short, a digital description of every aspect of the build and objects in the model, and can be linked to related information such as photos, specifications or manuals. This exciting technology can benefit construction professionals by helping them create better, more detailed plans, produce faster results and stay within budget.

Green Thinking

‘Green’ buildings use less energy and are therefore cheaper to run. This, alongside the growing concern for the environment, is driving the trend for more environmentally-friendly buildings. In response, new building regulations have come into effect to harness the power of renewable energy.

The government aim to have 4 million solar-powered homes up and running by 2020. The construction industry has jumped on board this trend with renewable energies, such as solar power generating more electricity than coal power.

It is clear the technology is having a positive impact on the construction industry, which has come at a critical time with Brexit uncertainty. Investing and focusing on these new exciting developments will allow the sector to grow and avoid being left behind.

What other technological advancements have you noticed within your industry? We would love to hear! Drop us an email and give us a tweet and share your thoughts with us today!

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