Why choose the Recruitment Industry to work in?

Jul 31, 2019

The business was established when our co-founders Liam and Sam decided they wanted to have business culture that valued their staff members as an absolute priority. They believed in the philosophy of treating your employees and clients with care and overall providing an excellent service. We understand that it is the people who really make the company. That is why we continually invest in our “home grown” talent.

We have an extremely vibrant and open culture here at Highfield that the directors have worked hard to provide. We make it a priority that hard work is not only recognized here, but also rewarded. 

Every single employee has contributed their ideas in creating the 2021 vision that we have placed on two walls around our office. This vision was created to highlight the company’s future objectives. This includes career development from our employees, business performance, our growing headcount as well as the overall culture for Highfield. The idea of placing this vision around the office has proved to be beneficial for our employees as it shows them the importance of their work and how it contributes to their company. 

No matter what level or role we recognise that people learn differently, in a variety of ways.  So, we will always accommodate this and find a course tailored to the individual, whether that’s in a classroom, online or telephone. This is why we created ‘The Highfield Academy’, a specialist in-house training programme for all current employees and new starters. This training programme will enable all current and new staff to keep refreshed on new industry skills that they may need for their specific sector.

On top of training and investing in our staff, we want the whole team to feel appreciated and rewarded; the more effort they put in the more rewards they will receive. We run regular Friday incentives for employees – if they meet their targets then they get an early finish (1pm) to enjoy a slightly longer weekend with their friends and family as well as having their birthday off. For us the work-life balance is key to creating an atmosphere people want to work in and the team react really well to these rewards.

We also take pride in the opportunities that we provide to our employees. For example, our two first ever employees are now a Team Leader and a Senior Consultant. The effective leadership from the Company Directors and the ongoing training means that they have been given an opportunity to flourish in a company that can genuinely provide the path for a long and successful career.

Highfield places substantial focus on talent management ensuring we retain and attract top talent from diverse backgrounds and at any level of their career. Our two company Directors sit amongst the Consultants and are always on hand to provide support and guidance. They also teach “The Academy” meaning their expertise is utilized and shared.

Last year, we moved into new offices with the incentive to further build a team, but to also make sure we are catering for the fun and motivating side of coming to work. In order to do this we created a breakout room filled with everything from table tennis to pool to make sure that our employees had somewhere to go at lunch to get away from the hustle and bustle of the sales floor.

As well as this we have put a great deal of thought into the mental wellbeing of our employees. We have a room which we provide our employees with weekly yoga and personal training which enables everyone to get some form of healthy physical activity whilst mining a positive inclusive workplace. We also believe that positive mental attitude is key to a great work place which is why we put on meditation sessions, we think that’s it’s important to work on your mental clarity as well as physical.  Our financial Controller has become a certified mental health aid champion, who is open to anyone who needs to confide in someone.

We value our employees and ensure that none of their hard work goes unnoticed, which is why we put a lot of emphasis on career progression. We have created a clear company progression guide that all employees have access to so that they know exactly what they need to do in order to grow. Since creating this we have seen an increase of promotions made in the company.

We started the Highfield Academy which sees every new hire enrol in our training academy and benefits from:

– Interactive training with each department & managers

– 2 days classroom training with expert external sales trainer

– 10 week structures training programme with weekly focus

– Feedback and awards

Through a combination of workshops and specialist training tailored to their career goals and preferred learning methods. We give them the best foundations to build on. It’s important to make sure we are giving everyone an equal opportunity and supporting them in achieving individual goals as well as team ones. 

Every employee has a quarterly review with one of the directors, giving them a chance to discuss their role and progress, air any concerns, and talk about what improvements they would like to see. Having a working environment where all employees, no matter what seniority level, feel they can openly talk to Directors is great!

At Highfield we understand the importance of allowing our employees to express their feelings and opinions in the work place. We have provided a platform in the form of OfficeVibe which allows our employees to leave feedback and give their opinion on anything that we do or could do better at Highfield. We found that this has been useful at empowering employees to give new ideas or express current feelings in a safe, managerial operated space.

As well as this we have a suggestion box that is placed in our communal kitchen area where all employees can leave anonymous suggestions that are considered and implemented by Directors. An outcome of this is a monthly car wash service attend the office so that our employees can have their cars washed whilst they are at work.

We focus on the long term and set a high priority on attracting and keeping better and more committed employees as well as more loyal customers. We believe the key to a successful company is keep your employees happy and make sure they are valued, in doing so, they will ensure that our customers are happy.

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