The future of recruiting and AI

Will AI change the way we recruit?

Oct 15, 2019

The growth in technology in the last decade has been massive, and AI is slowly becoming a very recognizable part of our daily lives. There are many scare stories about AI taking work away from humans, but in reality, it will take years for any serious adoption of this. However, it does not mean to say that AI has no influence. Recruiting is about interacting with other humans and AI is revolutionizing these connections.

The adoption levels for AI in recruiting is still relatively low, due to the traditional industry. Bullhorn statistics show that only 27% of recruiters are prioritizing investment in digital transformation to improve overall operations. Here at Highfield, we are constantly investing in software’s and platforms that makes recruiting for our consultants faster, more effective and specialised.

Here are just a few of the platforms that we are currently using to improve our recruiting process:

Bullhorn: We currently use bullhorn as our CRM system, where we store our data on clients and candidates that we work with. We also integrate it with Gmail and outlook which allows consultants to easily parse in CV’s, notes, as well as being able to create new tasks and appointments from candidate emails. It enables recruiters to be more productive with their time, and it manages the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Cloud Call: We use cloud call to improve our communications, making them easier, quicker and more powerful. This software integrates with our CRM and our consultants can manage their communications in the same space as their data.

Hubspot: Is a platform that provides us with the tools for all our inbound marketing such as; social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages, customer support and finally search engine optimization. We also use it as another CRM system for our internal recruiting so we can attract and qualify people to work in our very own business. Its online ecosystem helps our inbound marketers put out the right content to our audience through easy to use tools. For example, we use Chatbots on our website which helps automate replies to customers visiting our website. It allows a consistent feedback loop, whereby the robot has pre-written answers that can deal with requests as well as qualifying candidates.

But for us it isn’t just about the AI platforms that help our business run better, we also use it to target the best candidate in our industry. For example we run regular training for our recruitment consultants on advert training. This is presented by our marketing team who show the consultants how to use good job description formats that help to resonate better with candidates. Using specific words and phrases that are pinpointed for optimum SEO results improve our engagement and overall outcomes.

Is AI the future of recruiting?

AI plays will play a massive part in the future of recruiting because it is constantly trying to simplify the process. It ultimately allows recruiters to work more effectively and provide them with better use of their time and data. It is important that recruiting professionals are not resistant to the change, but instead use it as a tool to allow them to be even better at their job.

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