Mental Health Awareness 2019

What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Mental health week has taken place for the first week in October every year since 2001. During this week, the goal is to educate and increase awareness about mental health. The theme for 2019 is body image. With the increase of people using social media, there has been a dramatic shift on how people view their body.

The problem needs to be tackled and FAST! As the younger generations are becoming more worryingly obsessed with their body image than the last – children as young as 7 have been diagnosed with having body dysmorphia. Which is why the campaign is so current.

Who does it Effect?

Mental health problems effect millions of people in the UK every year and yet there is still a stigma around being diagnosed with a mental health issue. Here are some statistics that show how people feel about their body and how it impacts your mental health.

  • 1/5 of 4,505 adults surveyed (20 per cent) felt shame over their body image.
  • And concerningly, one in 8 adults said they felt suicidal because they were so unhappy with how they looked.

These statistics are staggering! Which is why this is a great campaign to support and to get the message across to those that feel they are in this on their own… YOU ARE NOT!

Is it Social Media’s Fault?

The jury is still out on whether social media is having a worrying effect on well-being, however there has been a correlation between time spent scrolling through apps and negative body image feedback. With Facebook being the most popular social media platform, it has had the highest amount of research in correlation to social media and body image. However, other platforms are growing in popularity such as Instagram and Pinterest, which are so much more picture orientated than Facebook. Therefore, it is too early to see if there is a massive correlation between body image and social media – something that will be great to see in future research.

How we support our staff at Highfield Recruitment

Here at Highfield we make mental well-being a priority in the work place. We do this by creating a supportive work environment and carrying out activities to promote well-being. This includes having a personal trainer come every Thursday – it’s a great way to catch up with colleagues and strengthen positive attitudes. We also have a meditation room where people can have a moment with their thoughts and time to relax.

Our financial controller is a qualified mental health aide, and is currently running weekly group meditation sessions which is great for anyone who needs that extra support.

This is a quote from one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants here at Highfield:

‘When I was suffering from depression, I found my Director very approachable and was able to have an open and honest discussion about how I was feeling. I was supported immensely by him and my team which was a huge weight off my mind and aided my recovery a lot. Since opening up about my mental health issues to work, and with the understanding and backing of my colleagues I have gone on to have my best ever quarter at Highfield. I cannot thank them enough and feel grateful to work within such a supportive office.’

The directors at Highfield make sure that everyone gets the supportive environment they need. They make an effort to have an inclusive workplace as well as organizing outside events such as most recently ‘Tough Mudder’. It is not only great exercise but activities like these strengthen bonds between everyone enabling the sense of a community and belonging, making sure no one feels alone. Spending time with people outside of work allows you to not be so caught up in your thoughts and feelings. Getting out and doing some exercise is a great way to calm anxiety and gets you out of being a ‘prisoner in your own mind!’

The Top Apps we recommend for Positive Well-being

Our recommended App is the Calm App. The App includes over 100 new programmes every month and includes; meditation, calming music, daily calm, positive body programmes and many more!  It has over 200,000K+ positive reviews as well as being rated top by our own staff. Apps are a great way to improve your positive mental attitude. Especially those who may be unwilling/unable to attend face to face therapy. Or for those who just simply want to improve their lifestyle and thoughts.

What should you do if you need help?

  • Talk to your local GP
  • Inform friends/family

If you have a friend/family member who you know is suffering with a negative body issue, here are a few tips on how you can help them.

  • Listen to them
  • Talk them out of negative situations
  • Talk through practical steps
  • Change the conversation to positive thoughts
  • Take care of yourself as well

It is very important that we get rid of the negative stigma of mental health, because it is just that that is making people suffer more!

This week is a great time to have a chat with a friend, family member or colleague and have think about your own well-being too. You could even join some campaigns to help make sure no one experiences a mental health problem in conjunction to body image.

If you are looking for a workplace that supports mental well-being, get in contact with our talent searcher Kay.

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