What to expect from the recruitment industry in 2018

The recruitment industry in 2018 is set for new challenges, and many changes, to keep up with the demanding growth of the world’s technology and economy. It is rumoured that we are going to see a transformation in how recruitment agencies find candidates like yourself, and see further growth of the industry.

So, what changes can we expect to see, and will you agree with them? We’ve outlined the key ones below…

Data handling

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is on the lips of most recruiters at the moment. The current EU Regulations are being increased significantly, and the new versions will come into effect in May 2018. This will mean you have more control over what kind of correspondence you receive from a recruiter (as well as those pesky online shopping emails), and can ascertain just how and why they are storing your data. The likelihood is, you will receive a lot of emails from any newsletters you’ve signed up to in the coming months, just to check you’re still happy to receive them. If you’re signed up with Highfield, keep an eye in your inbox to confirm your subscriptions.

Social media

Social Media is currently taking over the world; there are 1.871 billion active users on Facebook daily. This is by far the most active social media channel, with Instagram coming in second with 600 million users per day and Twitter third with 317 million users per day.

Long story short, we’re going to see a huge shift in the use of social media for recruiting. Just like Amazon are challenging Google, Facebook is starting to challenge LinkedIn. Facebook are currently trialling their job boards in North America and Canada, which enables users to search and apply for jobs directly from their app, making it easier and quicker to apply for jobs. The new feature will collate a pre-populated page with your name, education, and job history, which it takes from your current profile. You can edit this, and you are also able to type a cover letter for up to 1000 characters. Did you know you can apply for any job on www.highfieldps.co.uk through our ‘apply with Facebook’ button?


Advertising and marketing will take more of a turn towards social media, which is an additional way we can now post job adverts online, on top of the job boards and LinkedIn. As the number of active users on social media platforms increase, recruiters will start to take full advantage of each and every social media channel. Even Instagram and Snapchat are being used by some companies for internal recruitment recently, so watch this space! (Did you know Highfield are on Instagram? See what we get up to and give us a follow @highfieldrec )

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere now. It is a not a new concept, but it is a concept that is slowly growing in the way we use it. According to the experts, AI will help to cut back on potential lengthy and time-consuming recruitment processes. The use of online chat is already offering new ways in communicating with consumers, so AI will offer a smarter, more efficient way of recruiting that can be used alongside consultants in a unified, structured approach.


How do you feel about the changes set to take wave in 2018 in the recruitment indsutry? Would you ever apply for a role on Facebook? What would make the recruitment process easier for you? Let us know, tweet us at @HighfieldREC!

Solent Business Awards

The Solent Business Awards took place at the Hilton Ageas last night, and as previously announced , Highfield were finalists for two categories – Best Company to Work for and Management Team of the Year.

Although we didn’t win either award, we did gain the Highly Commended position which is a credit to the whole of Highfield. We are so proud to even be shortlisted for such well-known awards, and the categories we were recognised for sums up Highfield perfectly.

We are extremely proud of our management team, and the support and training they give to the new generation of Recruitment Consultants. With this in mind, in the next few years, this new generation will no doubt forge an integral part of the management team as we grow, and they grow their careers alongside us.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the awards; it was a great evening to celebrate the best in business on the South Coast.




Highfield Professional Solutions announced as finalists for 2017 NORAs

Our new website launched just under 12 months ago. We are incredibly proud of the fact that the whole site was designed internally, with the input of our expert consultants who know exactly what their clients and candidates require from an agency’s website.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have been revealed as finalists for the 2017 NORAs (National Online Recruitment Awards), in the category of Best Large Recruitment Agency!

Liam Thomas, Director of Highfield, commented,

“One of the most unique points of our website is that it was created with a huge amount of input from our team in-house, which we are so proud of. The fact we have been recognised in the NORAs this year is testament to the hard work and passion from everyone at Highfield, and we are incredibly excited to be attending the awards in November.”

Highfield’s website continues to be managed internally, and is updated daily with new role releases and market relevant content.

We look forward to attending the event in Covent Garden on 15th November!

What do the new generation of employees look for in a company?

It’s very true when they say millennials have completely different expectations and ideas when it comes to their career, compared to the attitudes of those who have now retired. Many companies shy away from change, and stick to the dangerous phrase ‘but this is the way we’ve always done it’.

Highfield is proud to be a working environment which listens to its employees and meets all their expectations, making a great atmosphere to work in (and it’s not just us that says so, we’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Company to Work For‘!)

So what do millennials look for when choosing their workplace?

Training and progression

They want to learn more, they want promotion criteria and they want to know that if they’re still working for you in 20 years that they won’t be stuck in the same job or department they first signed up for. Sure, short term wins are great, but millennials want something long term – they’re loyal and driven, and they need a company who reciprocates and invests in their development.

Company culture

Whether it’s a bacon sandwich the morning after the Christmas party, dogs in the office or away days, company culture is paramount to millennials enjoying where they work. Employee satisfaction creates an environment where you’ll attract, and retain, the best talent.


The work-life balance is something that is talked about in every business these days, but many companies don’t act upon the clear need, and want, for more flexibility. Millennials work hard, and bring a heap of new ideas to businesses, so they want rewarding in other ways than just their monthly pay packet. 4pm finishes on a Friday, or incentives and targets to hit in order to have an earlier finish at the end of the week, will motivate the team and get everyone working to the best of their ability. They work hard all week and get an extra hour at home with their loved ones – it’s a win-win for all!

A different style of leadership

The attitude of the management will either motivate or demotivate young professionals. To be listened to, appreciated and rewarded is key for millennials, so gone are the days of pointless meetings at the same time every week. Engaging meetings with a purpose over a coffee in the local café will create more motivation, and a more positive response in return.

Growth opportunities

Cash isn’t the be all and end all for millennials. Sure, they want to earn good money and create a sturdy future for themselves, but they want to have a vision for where they’ll be in 10 years. Help them to visualise their career in the company and all the exciting opportunities and possibilities they could be faced with. Top talent is more likely to stay loyal if they know they have a world of opportunities ahead of them in the company they are already loving working for.


If you’re nodding your head in agreement with all of the above, then Highfield are hiring! We have multiple graduate positions available; Contact Lauren for more information – [email protected]

How could your current company maintain their staff? What’s the most important thing you look for when choosing the company you work for? Tweet us and let us know!

5 European Holiday destinations if you love architecture

Summer is in full swing, and if you are yet to have had a holiday then it’s time to get one booked. Scientific studies believe that taking a proper holiday with no work distractions can actually increase work productivity.

“Change your environment, change your mind-set”, so with that in mind here are 5 top European destinations for architects and architecture lovers.

  1. Barcelona

It’s no surprise that Barcelona is first on the list. This city has a well-balanced mix of historic architecture that can be found within the old city; and a lot of modern architecture that was developed after the city’s expansions. And for all you architecture fanatics the Gaudi buildings are not to be missed!

Architecture Barcelona


  1. Prague

Known as the “golden city of spires”, Prague’s architecture is truly spellbinding.

Fans of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and art nouveau will not be disappointed – Prague hosts a marvel of styles all side by side. The city really is a pleasure for historians, tourists and architecture enthusiasts.

Architecture Prague

The city is truly a pleasure for historians, tourists, and especially architecture enthusiasts.


  1. Amsterdam

You really could spend a whole weekend wandering around the streets of Amsterdam in awe of the architecture. From windmills, canals and drawbridges to the Amsterdam School and cutting edge modern design, you will be kept busy exploring Amsterdam’s most memorable structures.

Amsterdam Architecture

  1. Athens

Athens is scattered with iconic monuments and significant architecture ranging from past to present. The mix of ancient history and modern edginess is enough to make anyone fall in love. Be sure to check out the busy nightlife, open air theatres and the buzzing flea markets.

Athens Architecture
  1. Vienna

Austria’s cities are famous for their stunning architecture, and Vienna is no different. Walking through the city you will see a range of different styles from classicist to modern, however, centre stage is taken by the city’s stunning Art Nouveau.

Vienna Architecture

Have we missed anywhere off the list? Tweet us @highfieldrec and let us know any cities you’ve fallen in love with!

Importance of Company Culture

Company culture is more important than ever. You want to create an environment that people want to be a part of and want to contribute to. Company culture has the power to motivate or frustrate employees so getting it right is essential – it is especially important to get it right within the world of recruitment where we see a direct correlation between culture and environment with success.
Highfield Professional Solutions have been around for ten years now and we believe over time we have established a great company culture! So what’s the most important thing in getting that great culture within the work place? People! In order to succeed you need to get the right people, with the right attitude and the right behaviours and allow them to contribute.
So what are the major elements we believe make Highfield a great place to work…


We value staff opinions. If your staff believe that they truly matter, and that their opinions matter, then the company is sure to soar. We conduct annual anonymous surveys, where staff can pitch ideas, and tell us how to improve.


Here at Highfield we have a strong vision and we make sure we communicate that vision throughout the company, ensuring everyone is after the same end goal. We know that when an employee is on board with the mission, they’re engaged in the job and want to help achieve it. We rely and support each other as team to make sure we uphold it and continually grow.


If you’re not talking to your staff, how do you know if they’re happy or not? We conduct regular one to ones and catch up meetings to ensure all employees are feeling valued and have all the support they need to succeed.

Leadership & Management

With such strong leadership it is hard not to succeed at Highfield. Working directly with Directors and managers we make sure all consultants receive the best advice and support possible.

The Team

There is a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere within Highfield. Whether it’s helping each other out, or spending lunch breaks beating each other at table tennis, everyone encourages each other to do well.

Social Events

Team nights out and after work drinks are a big part of our culture. We believe that success and hard work should be acknowledged and rewarded; we are always organising the next event such as the races or award ceremonies.
If you are thinking about a career in recruitment and would like to join our growing winning team, then contact us today on 01489 774 010 or email your CV to [email protected]

Highfield are a Certified Carbon Neutral Business